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Woman dies in car crash after jumping on top of her drunk boyfriend to have sex while he was driving

By Mason White 10:14 AM July 22, 2015
Minesh Parbat and Lisa Watling 

By: Chan Yuan
A man crashed his car after his girlfriend jumped on top of him as he was driving because she wanted to have sex, prosecutors in the United Kingdom said.

36-year-old Minesh Parbat of West Sussex, pulled down his pants to engage in a sexual act with 28-year-old Lisa Watling, when his BMW crashed into a building, a court has heard.

Watling died of his injuries following the accident.

Motorists discovered Parbat without pants in the aftermath of the collision while Watling was found wearing only a T-shirt and a bra.

Parbat’s blood alcohol content was tested and he was found to be drunk. Parbat told investigators that Watling sat on the dashboard and then moved in front of him, obscuring his view.

Parbat was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.