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Man who claimed to have given up smoking was busted by wife smoking cigarette on Google Street View

By Mason White 5:34 PM July 22, 2015
Donny Riding on Google Street View 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman caught her husband lying about his smoking habits through Google Street View.

The man of Wirral, England, who told his wife that he had stopped smoking cigarettes, has been left red-faced after being caught smoking by Google Street View.

Donny Riding of Leasowe, had been advised by his doctor to quit smoking and to eat more healthy after suffering a heart attack.

However, unbeknown to his wife Julie, Riding, who works as a taxi driver, did not follow the advice of his doctor and instead started smoking secretly.

That was until he was caught with a cigarette by Google Street View cameras.

Julie said that she cleaned her husband’s car when she found a package of cookies. She confronted her husband over his poor eating habits. He refused to admit breaking his diet.

Later that day, Julie heard the Google Street View cameras were on her block.

When Julie went online and viewed the Google Street View, she could not believe what she saw.

She saw her husband standing on her block and smoking a cigarette.

“He did sleep on the couch that night, but now we laugh about it,” she added.