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Hot female law student drops out of college to become adult movie star despite being top of her class

By Mason White 10:06 AM July 23, 2015
Angelina Doroshenkova 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A good-looking female law student of Russia, who was ranked as the top of her class, dropped out of college to become an adult movie star in Hungary.

21-year-old Angelina Doroshenkova used to live in Smolensk, before she went abroad and launched her adult movie career as Ally Breelsen.

Before changing careers, Doroshenkova won a number of medals in national competitions.

Doroshenkova’s friends and neighbors became suspicious about her after seeing photos on her social network at overseas destinations such as Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Brazil and Finland.

Finally, someone recognized Doroshenkova playing in the movie “Ally in bed with two men.” She now lives and works in Budapest.