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Man makes suicide pact with woman only to back out after she killed herself

By Mason White 10:07 AM July 23, 2015
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By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on a charge of abandoning a corpse after allegedly making a suicide pact with a woman and not following through on his side of the deal, police in Japan said.

Yamanashi police said that they have arrested 41-year-old Akinori Yoneda, after being accused of leaving behind the dead body of a 20-year-old woman with whom he had made a suicide pact.

According to the police investigation, two months ago, the suspect met the woman on a website geared for those people who are contemplating suicide.

She had been previously referring to suicide with family members and other people. The autopsy results indicated that she died of suffocation.

Yoneda was identified as a suspect by finding him on the contacts list in the victim’s phone. Yoneda told police that he took the woman to the forest, but has denied leaving behind her body.

He admitted to making a suicide pact with the woman, but he backed out after she killed herself. Police also charged Yoneda with assisted suicide.

It is alleged that the suspect had supplied the woman with a helium tank, which she inhaled.