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Young man becomes paralyzed by drinking several cans of cola on an empty stomach

By Mason White 2:33 PM July 23, 2015
Cans of soda illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A young man was paralyzed after drinking too many sugary beverages in a short period of time, doctors in Taiwan said.

The otherwise healthy man of Kaohsiung, was admitted to the Yuan General Hospital on Sunday, after becoming paralyzed.

A doctor who treated the 30-year-old unidentified man, said that the rapid consumption of sugary drinks led to an increase in insulin levels and a subsequent drop in potassium levels, causing severe muscle weakness.

The man with no history of chronic diseases, drank several cans of cola and then ate some sweet snacks on an empty stomach.

He went to lie down for a nap, and was unable to move when he woke up three hours later. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

The patient might have developed respiratory depression and eventually would have died if he had not received timely treatment, the doctor said.

The patient recovered fully after receiving potassium during three days of hospitalization.