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Young woman cuts herself to allow human vampires to drink her blood

By Mason White 10:05 AM July 24, 2015
Blut Katzchen 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young woman in Louisiana, revealed that she cuts herself with razor blades in order to allow human vampires to drink her blood.

28-year-old Blut Katzchen, who works as a florist, loves to let real life vampires drink her blood.

Katzchen is known in the vampire community as a black swan, or a person who willfully allows vampires to drink from the body.

Katzchen said that she became fascinated with vampires when she was a little girl.

Katzchen has spent 10 years traveling across the country, feeding bloodthirsty men and women who believe that they need to drink blood to survive.

Katzchen is currently in a relationship with 43-year-old Michael Vachmiel of Houston, Texas. The two use razors and suction cups to release her blood so that he can drink it.

They repeat the feast several times a year. Vachmiel first discovered his passion for blood by accident when he was just 13 years old.

While he was having sex, he felt a drop of blood on his lips and it gave him a boost of energy. The two use alcohol to sterilize the area and Vachmiel uses mouthwash before drinking the blood.