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Woman slams car into grandmother while looking down and praying behind the wheel

By Mason White 3:29 PM July 26, 2015
Pamela Beckham 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A grandmother suffered serious injuries after being run over by a car when a woman decided to pray behind the wheel, police in Ohio said.

Bellevue police said that 50-year-old Pamela Beckham, suffered a broken neck and numerous other injuries when the car slammed into her while crossing the street with her grandchildren.

Investigators first thought that the driver, 62-year-old Marilyn Perry, was on her cellphone at the time of the accident or was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

However, the investigation revealed that she did not use her phone and was not under the influence. Perry told investigators that she was praying when the accident occurred.

She said that she had been going through some personal problems and was praying while driving, sometimes with her head down.

Perry pleaded guilty to vehicular assault and was sentenced to three years probation. The judge also ordered Perry to pay $10,000 in restitution.