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Police officers strip pregnant woman naked because she parked at a bus stop

By Mason White 6:01 PM July 26, 2015
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Three police officers were arrested on charges of assault after allegedly stripping a pregnant woman naked because she parked at a bus stop, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State police said that Chika Elekwachi was stripped naked after being accused of resisting arrest.

She was eight months pregnant at the time of the incident.

After the assault, Elekwachi gave birth to a premature baby.

Elekwachi, a mother of two children, said that the incident unfolded when she tried to park at a bus stop in front of a shopping mall.

She noticed a bus behind her, and it blocked her from getting out of the vehicle. After the bus moved, she got out and police pointed their guns at her.

They told her to move her vehicle and threatened to shoot her if she parked. The woman begged the officers to allow her to park at the bus stop because she was pregnant, but they refused her request.

Since the woman resisted, the police placed her under arrest.

The officers began to drag her to their vehicle, ripping off her clothes in the process. When she arrived at the police station, she was completely naked.

She was later transported to a nearby hospital after going into labor. The three officers were arrested on charges of assault.