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Hot-looking woman flirts with border patrol officers during attempt to smuggle drugs in gold Mercedes

By Mason White 1:56 PM July 26, 2015
Anett Pikula 

By: Chan Yuan
A hot-looking woman was arrested after she flirted with border patrol officers in an apparent attempt to distract them while she was smuggling drugs.

39-year old Anett Pikula was “overly talkative,” with guards at the Lukeville, Arizona, border crossing.

She drove her gold-plated Mercedes Benz from Mexico to the United States, in a failed attempt to smuggle 13 pounds of cocaine.

Her flirting with officers caused suspicion and they elected her for a secondary inspection, during which a Customs and Border Protection K-9 was deployed.

The dog alerted officers to a hidden compartment in both of the Mercedes’ front quarter panels.

Officers found six packages of cocaine, for a total of 13 pounds with a street value of about $134,000.

Officers arrested Pikula of Phoenix, and turned her over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations.

They also seized her Mercedes and the drugs. A passenger, who was traveling with Pikula, was not arrested.

According to her Instagram photos, Pikula lives a glamorous lifestyle.