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Man accidentally kills his wife while trying to save her from killing herself

By Mason White 3:07 PM July 26, 2015
Carol Wolstenholme 

By: Feng Qian
A man accidentally crushed his wife to death while trying to save her life.

Steve Wolstenholme was devastated after he caused the death of his beloved wife after finding her cutting her arm in her kitchen.

Carol Wolstenholme died when her husband accidentally crushed her while trying to stop her from committing suicide.

Steve Wolstenholme told a court how he pushed his wife to get the knife away from her. She fell face down in a hallway.

During the struggle, while Carol was lying on the floor, her husband fell on top of her. He soon realized that she was not breathing.

Steve Wolstenholme was arrested for assault and then a charge of murder was added.

Pathologist Charles Wilson told the court that Carol’s self-inflicted wounds were not life threatening and she died from postural asphyxia.

Dr. Wilson also said that the Carol was immobilized by her husband who is a large man. She was in a confined space and her obesity may have also affected her ability to breathe properly.

After an investigation, forensic evidence was found to be consistent with Steve Wolstenholme’s account of the incident and all charges against him were dropped.