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20-year-old woman lays down in middle of street after father refused to buy her a smartphone

By Mason White 3:10 PM July 26, 2015
The woman on the floor 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A spoiled woman caused a traffic jam after she lied down in the middle of the road while throwing a tantrum.

The 20-year-old woman from Hubei, China, was seen throwing a tantrum as she stormed out of a store and onto a busy road.

She then threw herself onto the road in protest after her father refused to buy her an expensive smartphone.

According to her father, the woman had her heart set on a smartphone with a price tag of around 2,000 yuan ($322).

Unfortunately, the father was not ready to spend that amount of money for his grown daughter’s cellphone so she decided throw an epic tantrum in the streets.

As soon as traffic officers saw the woman in middle of the street, they stood around her to protect her from passing vehicles while other officers stopped traffic.

While traffic was at a standstill, the officers managed to persuade the woman to speak to her father and reconcile with him.

Meanwhile, the smartphone vendor who witnessed the woman’s bizarre behavior, agreed to lower the price of the phone.

The father finally agreed to purchase the phone for his now very happy daughter.