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Golf course managers looking for man who fills holes with feces

By Mason White 5:05 PM July 27, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
People who want to play golf at a course in Norway, have to wait until a stinking mess is cleaned up.

Managers at the golf course are struggling to uncover the identity of a mysterious man who uses their golf holes as a bathroom.

Kenneth Tennfjord, the groundskeeper at the Stavanger Golf Club, had been finding feces in the golf holes for a number of years, but so far, he was unable to find the perpetrator.

Tennfjord is convinced that the suspect is a man because of the size of the poop. “We know it is a man because the size of the poop is too big to be a woman,” said Tennfjord.

Tennfjord also said that the suspect relieves himself only on weekdays. According to the managing director of the club, Steinar Floysvik, the mystery party pooper uses a bike to get to the golf course.

In the early morning, he saw bicycle tracks on the course leading to the holes that were filled with feces.

Nobody knows why he defecates on the golf course.

Floysvik said that it might be either someone who hates the game of golf, someone with a weird fetish or a person who suffers from mental problems.

However, so far, the suspect has done a great job staying off the radar and to avoid being caught.