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92-year-old dead woman wakes up and screams in fridge of funeral home

By Mason White 11:54 AM July 29, 2015
Morgue illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A doctor was arrested on a charge of negligent bodily harm after allegedly declaring an elderly woman dead despite being alive, police in Germany said.

Essen police said that they have arrested the 53-year-old unidentified doctor, after the 92-year-old woman woke up in the fridge of a funeral home.

According to the police investigation, the doctor pronounced the woman dead after a caretaker found her to be pulseless and not breathing at a retirement home.

Later that evening, an employee of the funeral home heard a scream from the fridge and found the woman alive. The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she died two days later.

The woman had suffered from heart disease.