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Doctor pulls 20 lice from woman’s eye after suffering from itching

By Mason White 11:57 AM July 29, 2015
Louse illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman who complained of a severe itch in her eye, was shocked to learn that 20 lice were living inside of her, doctors in China said.

The woman identified as Zhang of Shandong, was recovering from a stroke in a hospital when she felt her left eye itching.

At first, she thought that the itching was simply the result of her recovery. When her eye did not get better, she thought that it was an infection.

When Zhang noticed something oozing from her eye, she asked her son to check it out. The son was shocked to see things moving in her eye.

The woman went to Dr. Bao Guisheng, who checked her eye with a microscope.

Guisheng first thought that they were kind of parasitic insects such as mites or something else, but when he look through the microscope, he saw that they were lice.

The lice were removed individually using a small pair of tweezers. Doctors believe that the woman will make a full recovery.