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Man driving Mercedes caught shoplifting mixers and blenders

By Mason White 5:03 PM July 29, 2015
David Joseph Domnitz 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested after he was caught shoplifting in a mall.

47-year-old David Joseph Domnitz of Florida, was arrested on Wednesday, after police said that he stole a food processor, Kitchen Aid mixer and 4 blenders from Macy’s at the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando.

Police charged Domnitz with third-degree grand theft and resisting a merchant.

Investigators said that Domnitz went to the household goods department and grabbed the Kitchen Aid mixer. He then headed for the main exit without paying for the merchandise.

The store’s loss protection officer stopped Domnitz and placed him in handcuffs. Police said that when the store loss prevention officer handcuffed Domnitz, a struggle ensued, and the contents of his pockets fell out and landed on the ground.

Officers noted that the items that fell to the ground included a small amount of change, a debit and credit card, a smartphone and a key for a Mercedes.

Police located the Mercedes in the parking garage of the mall. Police noted that the license plate was not assigned to the Mercedes. It was assigned to a 4-door silver Nissan, which was registered to Domnitz.

Inside the car, police said they found five other kitchen items from Macy’s, all of which were not paid for.

Domnitz was placed under arrest and his car was seized.