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Student post photo of herself and classmate groping their teacher

By Mason White 4:40 PM July 30, 2015
The photo of Amy Douglas 

By: Chan Yuan
A teacher is causing controversy after her students were seen groping her breasts.

The teacher, Amy Douglas of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, is under investigation after a photo of the students groping her was uploaded to the Internet.

In the photo that was posted to Instagram, Douglas, who is a high school science teacher, is seen smiling with her tongue hanging out of her mouth while two teenage students seem to grab her breasts.

The mother of one of those girls, who declined to be named, said that the girls never actually touched their teacher’s body.

“They were just having fun. That was it. That was the end of it,” said the mother who was present when the photo was taken.

The mother said that the photo was taken at the night of graduation.

According to the mother, Douglas did nothing wrong and she never touched the girls. Her hands were behind her back when the photo was taken.

The mother also said that her daughter recently posted the photo to Instagram, but she had no idea that it will cause so much outrage.

“It’s completely innocent. The problem is social media. People are making a big deal out of nothing,” the mother told school officials after being called for a meeting.

The mother said that she and her daughter do not want to see Douglas disciplined.