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Park employee hospitalized with chest pains after trying to clean stinking toilet in Manhattan

By Mason White 9:30 AM July 31, 2015
Public toilet illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A New York City parks employee was rushed to a hospital with chest pains after trying to clean a stinking toilet in Manhattan, doctors said.

The awful fumes from the public bathroom of the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, sent 54-year-old Daniel Roca to the emergency room on Tuesday.

Park employees blame drug addicts and homeless people of clogging up the toilets with needles, rags and hoodies. Despite getting free cans of air freshener from the city, the toilets still smell like rotten fish.

Roca was ordered by his doctor not to return to work until the smell is gone.

The Parks Department said that they began making the necessary improvements to the facility, including a thorough cleaning and plumbing repairs.