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Woman urinates in police officer’s office after he asked her to uncross her legs

By Mason White 2:04 PM July 31, 2015
Legs crossed illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was found guilty of assaulting a police officer for urinating in his office.

The woman of UAE, Abu Dhabi, was arrested after she urinated on the floor in a police station in Ajman, the Federal Supreme Court has heard.

According to the police investigation, the woman entered the office of the investigator and began using his computer. She then leaned back on his chair, and placed one leg over the other.

When the police officer asked her to sit properly, she said: “Who are you, I won’t put my leg down.”

Then the woman urinated on the floor of the office and continued screaming at the officer.

A witness who works for the Ajman Police, said that the woman left tissues with urine on it in the office of the investigator.

Prosecutors charged her with attacking a public employee while carrying out his job.

The court sentenced the woman to pay a fine Dh2,000 (about $544). She appealed the verdict, and the appeals court suspended the sentence.

However, the verdict was then appealed in the Supreme Court.

The defendant argued that sitting in an inappropriate position and then refusing to follow the officer’s orders to sit properly does not constitute assault.

The Supreme Court rejected her argument, since article 249 of the penal code considers “every word or act that offends or degrades the status of the employee or makes him the subject of ridicule an attack, whether the attack is tangible or not.”

Therefore, the Supreme Court upheld the verdict of the lower court.