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Man eats raw egg including shell live on television

By Mason White 7:34 AM August 2, 2015
Egg illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A man in Iowa, showed the public how he eats a raw egg including its shell during a live television appearance in Chicago, Illinois.

Iowa senior defensive Drew Ott appeared at the Big Ten Media Day in Chicago, where he ate the whole raw egg, including the shell.

During the stunt, Ott said that he eats a lot of eggs, which are a good source for calcium. It started as a way to earn some extra money, Ott revealed.

When he was a child, his uncle offered $5 if he could eat a raw egg, including its shell. The first time he tried it, the taste made him gag, but he managed to swallow it and he got his $5.

Now, he is used to the taste. Ott said that when he is lazy on a Sunday, he eats raw eggs and its shell instead of cooking them.