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Scissors and human hair found inside cake bought at bakery during birthday party

By Mason White 7:40 AM August 2, 2015
Scissors inside birthday cake 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman in Texas, freaked out after finding scissors inside a bakery cake during a birthday party.

Yoly Nava of Arlington, said that a guest at the birthday party noticed the scissors in the store bought cake before people started eating it.

Nava said that her brother bought the cake for $59.99 at the El Rancho Market, as part of a surprise party for their mother. The scissors were found moments before the mother put her face into the cake as part of their family tradition.

Nava posted a video of the cake and the unexpected ingredient on Facebook. She said the store gave her a replacement cake, but she discovered human hair inside it.

El Rancho Market contacted the family to apologize, and said that the incidents are under investigation.