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Healthy nurse kills herself at suicide clinic because she was afraid of becoming sick

By Mason White 8:14 AM August 3, 2015
Gill and John Pharaoh 

By: Wayne Morin
A healthy nurse of the United Kingdom, decided to end her life at a suicide clinic in Switzerland because she was afraid of becoming sick.

75-year-old Gill Pharaoh died at the Lifecircle clinic in Basel.

She spent the last hours if her life walking around the old town, and dine at the Rhine. Before killing herself, the nurse said that her career had taught her the harsh realities of old age.

“Being old and sick is horrible,” she said before she died. She added that she was deteriorating despite being healthy, active and not taking any medication.

Dr. Michael Irwin, the coordinator of the Society for Old Age Rational Suicide, said that Pharaoh made a wise decision considering that she had seen a lot of suffering on her job.