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Bank refuses to help female customer because she lost weight and she didn’t look like the picture on her ID

By Mason White 8:18 AM August 3, 2015
Feifei before and after losing weight 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman in China, said that she was surprised to be refused service at her bank because she didn’t look like the photo on her identification card.

The 22-year-old woman identified as Feifei, went to the China Construction Bank located in Xihu, to reset her PIN.

However, she was refused service after staff said that her appearance did not match the photo on her identification card.

Feifei said that she forgot the PIN for the card after not using the card for a long time, during which time she lost about 20 pounds.

In addition to losing 20 pounds, she had a different haircut compared to when she took the photo for her identification card.

The bank told her to get a new identification card from her police station, and return to them to get a new PIN for her bank card.