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2 women beat up lesbians for kissing at Six Flags

By Mason White 8:20 AM August 3, 2015
Women kissing illustration 

By: Feng Qian
Two women were arrested on charges of assault after allegedly beating up two women who were kissing each other at Six Flags, police in Massachusetts said.

Agawam police said that they have arrested 29-year-old Damarielys Mukhtar and 27-year-old Nikia Butt, after being accused of beating up two lesbian women on Thursday.

They were charged with assault and battery and violation of civil rights. The victims were 18 and 19 years old, and both attend the Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

According to the police investigation, around 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, officers responded to reports of a fight among a few women at the Six Flags pick-up and drop-off zone.

As the police arrived, they realized that a woman had a small cut on the nose, which she said was a result of being beaten during the altercation.

When police asked the victim what happened, she said that she and her girlfriend stopped on a bridge to talk and cuddle.

When she was kissing her girlfriend, she realized a woman looking at them. Mukhtar allegedly then made an anti-gay comment.

The victim said that she and her girlfriend ignored the comment and continued to walk away when Mukhtar began shouting homophobic insults at them.

Then Mukhtar allegedly began beating the victim in the face, threw her to the ground and started kicking and pulling her hair.

As she lied on the ground, the victim said that she saw Butt hit her girlfriend. The two women stopped beating the victims once the crowd began to gather.

The suspects tried to leave in a car parked in a private lot when officers took the victims to identify them. Mukhtar was released from jail after posting $1,000 bail.

Butt is being held without bail as she has a previous criminal record.