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Cows crush woman to death while walking home from restaurant after she disturbed them from eating

By Mason White 8:20 AM August 4, 2015
Cows illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
An elderly woman who was walking home from a restaurant, was crushed to death by a group of cows that were busy eating, police in Switzerland said.

Graubunden police said that the 77-year-old unidentified woman was trampled to death by the cows near Laax, after walking through a field containing grazing cows and calves.

According to the police investigation, the woman just finished eating at a restaurant on Friday, when she decided to take a path through the pasture on her way home.

After passing through the electric fence, she was attacked by cows grazing in and around the field. They knocked the woman to the ground and trampled on her.

A passerby witnessed the attack and called an ambulance, but the woman died at the scene from her injuries.