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55-year-old taxi driver offers women free rides in exchange for urinating in the back seat

By Mason White 7:42 AM August 5, 2015
Taxi cabs illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
The license of a taxi driver was suspended after women complained that they were offered free rides if they urinate in the back seat of the car, police in Scotland said.

The 55-year-old driver who has not been named, was stripped of his license by the City of Glasgow.

According to the police investigation, the driver picked up a client and took her to an unknown location, where he said that he would not charge her a fee if she urinated in the back seat of his car.

The woman rejected his offer and reported the incident to the police.

In another incident, he picked up a married woman and asked her to urinate in the back seat of his car in exchange for a free ride.

The woman refused and filed a complaint with the police.

The driver, who is married to his pregnant wife, was charged with two counts of sexual harassment. The driver pleaded not guilty to the charges.