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Female elected official takes photo of employee’s exposed behind and shows it around in office

By Mason White 12:31 PM August 5, 2015
Johnny King fixing a broken pipe 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) An elected official in North Carolina, is under fire after allegedly taking a photo of an employee’s exposed behind and showing it to her other employees.

Johnny King was the supervisor of public works for the city of Chadbourn, when the town manager took a picture of his exposed behind as he repaired a broken pipe.

The next morning, Town Manager Patricia Garrell made an announcement in the office that she had picture of King’s crack before showing it around to everyone in the office.

King’s wife, Karen, is furious with what happened to her husband. Garrell is still the town manager despite her inappropriate actions.

King said that his pants were too big because he had recently lost weight. He said that the incident is very embarrassing. King now goes to a doctor to get help with dealing with stress.

King said that he was prescribed medication, and was given a doctor’s note allowing him to stay out of work.

King filed a formal complaint against the city of Chadbourn with the Commission on Equal Opportunities, citing a hostile and harassing work environment.

Garrell defended her actions, saying that she showed the photo in order to demonstrate the need of wearing proper clothing at work.