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Sleeping man wakes up after being run over by train before rolling over and falling back asleep

By Mason White 1:45 PM August 5, 2015
Train tracks illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man who was asleep on tracks and had no idea that he was run over by a train, rolled over and went back to sleep, police in Indiana said.

Richmond police said that 30-year-old Josh Napier, slept on the train tracks on Saturday night, until a driver woke him up to tell him that he had been hit.

Napier told the driver that he had not been run over by a train. Napier put his head down to go back to sleep.

Police officers who arrived at the scene, called an ambulance, and he was taken to the Health Reid hospital with nonfatal injuries.

Police said that the train employees saw Napier asleep on the tracks as the train passed over him. The train did not suffer any damage.