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Student hangs himself after being humiliated in front of entire school for cheating on test

By Mason White 10:47 AM August 5, 2015
Charlie Brown 

By: Chan Yuan
A young man took his own life after he was humiliated in front of his entire school for cheating on a test.

18-year-old Charlie Brown was a student of the Welkom High School, in South Africa, when he hanged himself after he was forced to apologize in front of his entire school after being caught cheating on his test.

Brown’s mother, Linda Sekhosana, 45, said that her son was going to be transferred to a new school for the coming year.

“He asked to be transferred to the new school immediately,” Sekhosana said. “I did not realize there was a problem at school because I was not notified of the incident,” she said.

When the teen was found hanging in the garage of his home on Saturday, his mother was shocked.

His friend then told Sekhosana that he became the laughingstock of the school after he was forced to apologize publicly for cheating.

Brown’s parents learned that school has a rule that a student either go through a disciplinary process or automatically fail the test for cheating.

Sadly, this punishment was too humiliating and led to the teen’s suicide.