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135 pigs die after inhaling gas from their own feces

By Mason White 1:58 PM August 6, 2015
Pigs illustration 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) More than 100 pigs died on a farm in Switzerland, after inhaling gas coming from their own feces.

A total of 135 pigs died after inhaling the gas produced from their own excrement in Aargau.

According to an investigation, an employee of the farm accidentally turned on the methane gas pipeline, which captured the gas coming from the pig feces, at the farm.

Animal rights group slammed the farm for abusing their animals. The owner of the farm said that he was upset by the death of his pigs, and defended the way his farm is being operated.

He also plans to give a public tour of his farm to alleviate concerns about his pigs being abused.

However, the animal rights groups said that the death of the 135 pigs occurred under mysterious circumstances, suggesting negligence on the part of the operators.