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Judge orders man to marry his teen girlfriend within 30 days or face jail

By Mason White 5:04 PM August 9, 2015
Josten Bundy and Elizabeth Jaynes 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man who was arrested and charged with assault, was ordered by a judge to marry his teen girlfriend within 30 days as part of his sentence, according to court documents in Texas.

Smith County Judge Randall Rogers sentenced 20-year-old Josten Bundy, to marry 19-year-old Elizabeth Jaynes within 30 days or face 15 days in jail.

Bundy was charged with assault after beating up the former boyfriend of his girlfriend.

Bundy told the court that the former boyfriend had been saying disrespectful things about his girlfriend before challenging him to a fight.

Bundy admitted to hitting him in the jaw twice. The victim did not require medical attention.

Bundy said that he got married to his girlfriend because he cannot afford to spend 15 days in jail out of fear of losing his job.

The couple applied for a marriage license and got married at a courthouse. The father of Jaynes said that he is mad at the judge.

He contacted several attorneys, but they refused to get involved in the case. Bundy and Jaynes said that do regret getting married, but they wanted more time to plan their wedding.