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Stoned driver takes selfie with smiling arresting officer

By Mason White 10:14 AM August 9, 2015
The selfie 

By: Feng Qian
A young man took a selfie with the police officer who arrested him, and posted the photo on social media sites.

When 20-year-old Gilbert Phelps was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, he asked the arresting officer to pose with him for a selfie.

“The defendant requested to take a SnapChat selfie with me to which I happily obliged,” the police officer of Iowa, wrote in the criminal complaint.

Phelps was behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry, when the vehicle was stopped for speeding and having an obstructed record label around 2:00 a.m.

During interrogation, Iowa City police officer Ben Hektoen detected the smell of alcohol inside the car. Hektoen reported that Phelps allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana before driving. He passed the breathalyzer test, but failed a field sobriety tests.

While Phelps was being booked into jail, he asked the officer to pose for a selfie. The officer agreed and smiled as he gave a thumbs up to the camera.

Phelps added a caption to the photo using emoji icons, showing a police car next to a passenger car and a tow truck.

Phelps was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence.