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Man licks his finger before pushing it into 4-year-old boy’s ear

By Mason White 10:18 AM August 9, 2015
Michael Migani 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man assaulted a young child by giving him a “wet willy.”

34-year-old Michael Migani of Connecticut, whose address is listed as “homeless,” was arrested by police in Shelton on Wednesday.

The victim is a 4-year-old boy. His mother reported that Migani, whom she did not know, stuck his finger in his mouth and then placed it in her son’s ear.

The boy and his mother were playing in the waiting room of a business on Center Street, when the strange incident occurred.

Migani allegedly approached the child, placed his finger in his mouth, filled it with saliva and stuck it into the child’s ear.

Police said that when the stunned mother and company staff confronted the man, he fled to his vehicle.

Police pulled him over and he was arrested on charges of Breach of Peace and Reckless Endangerment.

He was released from jail after posting $500 bail.