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Man steals women’s shoes and underwear before taking photos of the items and sending them to his victims

By Mason White 4:19 PM August 10, 2015
Woman’s bra illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested on a charge of theft after allegedly stealing clothes from women and sending them pictures of the items in his possession, police in Japan said.

Tokyo police said that they have arrested 48-year-old Shochi Nagata, after being accused of stealing shoes and underwear from women.

Police said that the suspect was caught after he sent photos of stolen underwear to a 30-year-old woman. On the photos, the suspect wrote: “Here is your treasure.”

During a raid on the suspect’s home, police found lots of shoes and underwear belonging to different women.

In another incident, the suspect followed a woman home and stole her bag, which contained underwear and her email address.

The man later emailed the woman photos of her belongings.

Nagata was arrested and charged with one count of theft.

Police believe that there are many more victims, and have asked women to come forward.