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Hackers show adult videos on large bus station screens that usually show arrivals and departures

By Mason White 10:02 AM August 12, 2015
Bus station illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Travelers at a bus station in Brazil, were shocked to see adult movies streaming on the large screen in the waiting areas on Friday.

Curitiba police said that hackers have infiltrated the video screens of the main bus station and replaced the arrival and departure times with adult videos.

The videos streamed for at least 15 minutes on Friday night, as the station was packed with travelers, police said. Cyber crime unit of the police department have been notified and are trying to track the hackers.

Officials have warned the company operating the screens to improve its security or risk losing its contract. Some travelers took photos of the screens and uploaded them to social media sites, where the images went viral.

The bus station was not the only place where adult videos was shown to the public.

In a similar incident last week, adult videos were shown on a large screen located on the wall of a busy shopping mall in Lishui, China.

According to the police investigation, a worker was watching adult videos on the computer used for displaying advertisements on the large screen.

The videos were streaming for about nine minutes at the Wandi Plaza. No charges have been filed against the worker.