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Men wait in line to have sex with prostitute

By Mason White 12:19 PM August 11, 2015
Couple in bed 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Men are lining up to sleep with a woman who became very famous for her great sex.

33-year-old Shupikai Luwanda of Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, is so admired by many men in her neighborhood that even married men admit to paying her for sex.

“If you have sex with her once, you will never stop thinking about her,” one man said.

She sells sex on credit to some men. “Her fees vary. You can have sex now and pay later,” another said. “Some people pay with food or diapers. She basically accepts any form of payment,” he said.

For those who want unprotected sex, Luwanda charges an extra fee.

Luwanda does not look for her customers in bars. Instead,
men come to her house and they wait on line for their chance to have sex with her. Luwanda has a waiting area in her home, where men can wait comfortably while she services one man after another.

However, this “talk of the town” prostitute may lose her business because she was arrested after being accused of killing one of her clients.

Luwanda and her bouncer boyfriend Byron Mujongondi, face murder charges over the death of Freeman Muyambo. They allegedly had an argument about a missing cellphone.

Muyambo had sex with the prostitute at her house before leaving without his cellphone. When Muyambo, who was drunk, returned to get the phone, Luwanda refused to open the door, saying that he was disturbing her business as she was busy “servicing” other men.

The angry client persisted until he allegedly went on a rampage and broke her windows. “Shupi opened the door and attacked him with a hoe before her boyfriend joined her in attacking him,” a neighbor said.

Luwanda and her boyfriend were arrested and taken to the St. Mary’s police station.