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Teen forcibly massages girls’ feet at swimming pools

By Mason White 10:09 AM August 11, 2015
Girl’s feet illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A teen was arrested on a charge of harassment after allegedly forcibly massaging girls’ feet at swimming pools, police in New Jersey said.

South Brunswick police said that they have arrested 19-year-old Lawrence A. Malapitan, after being accused of massaging the feet of 16-year-old girls at swimming pools.

In the latest incident police said that Malapitan massaged the feet of a 16-year-old lifeguard at a swimming pool. After the first incident, Malapitan was warned to stop harassing girls, but he ignored the warning.

In the first incident, a girl called police to her home to report that she found a handwritten note asking her if she would like a foot massage.

The note instructed the girl to leave her response and phone number under a rock. Police responded to several complaints at different swimming pools about Malapitan offering foot massages to lifeguards.

Police told Malapitan that all pools are private property and he was not welcome there. He was also told to stop offering foot massages.

Last week, an 18-year-old female lifeguard called police to report that a man approached her asking strange questions.

When it was determined that he didn’t have a pool pass, she asked him to leave. That’s when the suspect asked if she wanted a foot rub, police said.

later that day, a 16-year-old female lifeguard told police that a man fitting description of Malapitan, had started massaging her feet, saying he wanted to start a foot massage business.

Malapitan was arrested and charged with harassment, trespass and lewd behavior. Malapitan was booked into the Somerset County Jail and his bail was set at $2,500.