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Unlucky thief forced to flee on foot after his car is repossessed while he was shoplifting

By Mason White 12:57 PM August 11, 2015
Che Hearn 

By: Feng Qian
A man had his car repossessed while he was shoplifting, police in Illinois said.

25-year-old Che Hearn was arrested after his car was repossessed while he was shoplifting at Walmart.

Hearn of Zion, was arrested and charged with petty theft after his getaway car was repossessed while he was allegedly trying to steal electronics from a Walmart store, police said.

Hearn faces one count of misdemeanor petty theft involving goods valued at less than $300 according to Lake County Circuit court records.

According to Michael Scott, deputy chief of Round Lake Beach police, officers responded around 3:00 p.m. to a petty theft at Walmart.

Upon arrival, a loss prevention officer said that a man was observed loading electronics into a shopping cart and attempted to leave the store.

When employees confronted the suspect, he dropped the items and fled on foot, police said. Hearn was found walking on the side of the road.

When asked why he was walking, Hearn replied that his car had been repossessed from the Walmart parking lot.

Investigators determined that the company had followed Hearn to Walmart, and towed away the car when he entered the store.

In a press release, Scott called Hearn an “unlucky thief.”

Hearn was released on bail after being charged with retail theft.