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Farmers caught tossing unwanted live chickens into shredder

By Mason White 10:36 AM August 12, 2015
Chickens being ground alive 

By: Wayne Morin
Animal rights activists in France, are extremely angry after a video showed employees tossing live unwanted chickens into a shredder.

The video also showed farmers placing live chickens into black plastic garbage bags, where they suffocated to death.

The horrifying video was recorded at a farm in Brittany.

The video, which has been played on television, also showed chickens being placed on a conveyor belt that leads to fast moving blades.

The farm only sells female chickens for egg production units and the quality of their meat and eggs is considered superior.

The unidentified employee described his horror at being powerless to intervene as little male chicks were ground, choked and thrown into the dumps by indifferent colleagues while they were still alive.

The video was originally published on the website of animal rights group L214. 36 members of parliament expressed their outrage over the abuse and petitioned the agriculture ministry to take action.