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Doctors find bullet in 5-year-old boy’s stomach after swallowing it while playing

By Mason White 5:32 PM August 13, 2015
Bullet inside boy’s stomach 

By: Chan Yuan
Doctors in Peru, found a bullet that had been lodged inside a boy’s stomach after swallowing it while playing with it at his home.

Doctors at the emergency room of the hospital found the bullet in the 5-year-old boy’s stomach this week, after he complained of strong pain.

According to the police investigation, the boy found the bullet during a hiking trip with his family a year ago. This week, he played with the bullet before swallowing it.

Doctors took x-rays of the boy’s stomach and were shocked to see the bullet.

Doctors consulted with the explosives unit of the police department as they feared the bullet might release toxic chemicals inside the boy’s body while being removed.

Usually, foreign objects are pulled out of the stomach through the mouth, but in this case, doctors were afraid that the metal contact with bullet could cause a chemical reaction in the child’s body.

It was decided to wait for the bullet came out naturally from the child’s body. After a few days in the hospital, the bullet was found in the boy’s feces.

A doctor who advised the family said that it is very rare to find a bullet inside a child’s stomach, but luckily, it left the boy’s body in the best possible way.

The boy made a full recovery.