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Police find video of man having sex with fish

By Mason White 5:36 PM August 13, 2015
Fish illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was jailed after he was found in the possession of a video, which shows a man having sex with a fish.

45-year-old Nelson Nazare of the United Kingdom, pleaded guilty at the Cambridge Magistrates’ Court to owning three extreme images and to harassing his wife.

The court heard that Nazare’s wife left him a few months ago, and she wanted nothing to do with him, but Nazare kept calling and harassing her.

Prosecutor Paul Brown said that police confiscated the cellphone of Nazare, as part of the investigation of the harassment claim.

When police looked through his phone, they found that it contained “extreme pornography videos.”

Police said that 2 of the videos depicted women engaging in sexual acts with dogs. One had been deleted, but police had managed to recover it.

The third video showed a “male having sex with a big fish.”

Defense attorney Kevin Warboys said that a friend of Nazare, sent him the videos to cheer him up during his difficult situation.

“knowing how sad and upset he was, the friend sent three videos in what appears to have been a misguided attempt to distract and amuse him,” Warboys said.

“There seems to be no content that Nazare might find arousing. He believed that he removed it,” Warboys added.

Nazare was released on conditional bail.