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Police kill 6 people for hunting tigers

By Mason White 2:54 PM August 13, 2015
Tiger illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
6 people were shot dead by police for hunting tigers.

Police in Bangladesh, killed the 6 tiger poachers over the weekend, during a shootout in a park.

The 20-minute gunfight erupted when police launched a crackdown on people who hunt endangered tigers.

The incident took place in the Sundarbans National Park, according to S.M. Moniruzzaman, deputy inspector general of police in Khulna Range.

5 police officers were injured in the shootout. Police recovered three Tiger skins, which appeared to be from animals that had been recently killed, and five guns from the hunters, Moniruzzaman said.

The crackdown came amid heightened pressure to take action on poaching of endangered tigers. Fewer than 2,500 Bengal tigers are left in the wild.

Tiger are being hunted for trade. Dead tiger are sold for $3,000 to $4,000 each in the domestic market. Once it is exported, mainly to China, the amount value rises exponentially.