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Dog saves owner from hanging himself by chewing the noose

By Mason White 8:53 AM August 14, 2015
Byron Taylor with Geo 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A dog in the United Kingdom, saved its owner from committing suicide by destroying the noose.

Byron Taylor, 23, who was contemplating suicide, said that his life was saved after his dog grabbed the noose and chewed it up.

Taylor was depressed after his girlfriend broke up with him, and he tried to end his life by hanging himself.

However, his dog Geo, a six-year-old Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff, grabbed the rope and would not give it back. The dog barked as Taylor tried to fight him to let go of the rope.

Taylor of Gloucestershire, believes that the usually passive dog had felt what he was going to do and would not let him go through with it.

Taylor said that after his girlfriend broke up with him, he was in a “very bad place,” and after heavy drinking, he took the rope and went downstairs to write a farewell note to his family.

When he came back upstairs, he found Geo with the rope in his mouth. “At first, I thought it wanted to play. I said ‘give it to me’ and he began to growl at me,” Taylor said.

Taylor was forced to abandon his suicide plans. He has now recovered from depression. However, Taylor is devastated that he faces life without his faithful pet.

Taylor was left heartbroken once again, when his dog was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor.