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Man awarded $1,250 after being banned from touching his wife in prison

By Mason White 2:19 PM August 14, 2015
Kevin King 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man who filed a lawsuit against prison officials for prohibiting him from touching his wife, will receive cash as compensation, according to court documents in Michigan.

A jury awarded 52-year-old Kevin King $1,251 after being forbidden to touch his wife during a visit to the prison.

King was convicted of murder. King claimed that a guard was retaliating against him for filing unrelated complaints in the past.

He forced King to sit a few feet away from his wife during the visit in Jackson. King was given $1 for a violation of his First Amendment rights and $1,250 in punitive damages.

The Department of Corrections defended the actions of the guard, saying that banning King from touching his wife was not a big deal despite the fact that other prisoners are allowed to have contact with their spouses.

The judge criticized the Department of Corrections, saying that officials are underestimating the needs of the prisoners. King is serving a life sentence for murder committed during a robbery in Oakland County.

This was not the first time that King was awarded money for being treated unfairly in prison.

King was awarded $1,500 after being transferred to maximum security prison in retaliation for challenging policies on personal property behind bars.

King has another lawsuit pending, claiming that officials took away his radio for 23 days in retaliation for helping another inmate file a complaint.