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Airport security takes away Minions toy gun from little boy as it posed a threat

By Mason White 5:03 PM August 16, 2015
Minions Fart Blaster 

By: Feng Qian
A mother of a young boy in Ireland, was shocked when airport security decided to take away a Minions toy gun from her child because it posed a threat.

The incident unfolded on Saturday morning at Dublin Airport, according to a post on Twitter by a family friend.

The toy in question was a Minions Fart Blaster, and it was taken away from the child as he attempted to board a plane.

When fired, the gun emits a banana scent.

A spokesperson from Dublin Airport, said that replica guns are prohibited from being taken on a plane, including the Minions Fart Blaster.

The spokesperson also said that the toy will be kept in a secures place, and will be given back to the child when he returns from his trip.

“I can’t believe that a Minions Fart gun was taken from my friend’s toddler, and security felt it posed a threat,” Paula, a friend of the family, wrote on Twitter.