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Researcher looking for simpler life lives as goat

By Mason White 10:07 AM August 16, 2015
Thomas Thwaites living as a goat 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man of the United Kingdom, who decided to live as a goat, managed to get the government to pay for his experience.

In search of a simpler life, the man transformed himself into a goat.

34-year-old Thomas Thwaites of London, spent the last year creating prostheses that allow him to roam around on all fours with goats.

He studied their behavior, learned of their way to communicate and even attempted to create an artificial stomach to enable him to eat grass.

His efforts, which were funded by the government, took place during a three-day trip to the Swiss Alps, where he lived as a goat and wandered the hills with a herd.

When asked why he would go so far to be a goat, Thwaites said: “it could be fairly difficult, depressive and just stressful being a human being.”

Thwaites managed to convince a goat farmer to let him live as one of his herd. He also convinced Dr. Glyn Heath, a former zoologist in Salford, to create the strange prosthetics so he can crawl on all fours.

Thwaites soon found that living like a goat was not as easy as he had hoped. The prostheses were painful, the landscape was difficult and he was constantly fighting the cold.

These challenges however, were nothing compared to the task of convincing the herd that he was one of them, Thwaites said.

“I looked up and all the other goats looked at me. Everyone stopped chewing and it was in that moment, when I thought, ‘those horns look quite sharp,’” he said.