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Popular singer smears dog feces on daughter’s pillow to teach her a lesson

By Mason White 5:02 PM August 16, 2015
Pillow illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
The daughter of a popular singer in the United Kingdom, claims that her father smeared dog feces on her pillow in order to teach her a lesson.

70-year-old Rod Stewart had strange parenting techniques, including putting dog feces on pillows after the dog defected on his expensive carpets, his daughter Kimberly has revealed.

Despite the weird actions, she revealed that she considers her father a friend. Stewart has eight children from several women.

Kimberly also revealed that her father once dressed up as a parking enforcement agent to teach his kids a lesson that they can’t park their car anywhere they wished.

Stewart does a remarkable job keeping the siblings together as a family despite the many mothers involved, Kimberly said about her father.