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Store celebrates 10,000th shoplifter with party of humiliation

By Mason White 5:35 PM August 16, 2015
The shoplifter wearing party hat 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A store decided to celebrate their 10,000th shoplifter by holding a festive party.

After their 9,999th theft took place, the manager of the department store in the Netherlands, decided to hold a party of humiliation.

He informed the security personnel and employees of the plans. When a female suspect was seen on camera stealing an item, it was time to party.

The company has released the video in an effort to deter others from shoplifting in their store.

The video began with a manager watching surveillance videos of the store. When he spotted the alleged thief, he ran downstairs to the store. He called his staff member to bring a sign and a party cake.

The manager called the security personnel to stop the woman from leaving the store. The staff members were ready with a bouquet of flowers, which was handed to the woman as she was congratulated for being the 10,000th shoplifter.

The company had a band playing as they brought out the party hat, cake and champagne to celebrate.

The manager congratulated the woman on being the 10,000th thief in his department store. He handed her the bouquet of flowers before placing the party hat on her head.

A female employee handed the shoplifter a piece of cake. The woman took the cake and ran for the door.

As the thief made the quick exit from the main entrance of the store, the security alarm sounded.

While the thief was allowed to walk free, the store employees continued to party.

The video ended by showing a sign in Dutch which read: “In the event of theft we (almost) always report to the police.”