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Man breaks spine while secretly looking into bathroom to watch female boss taking a shower

By Mason White 10:05 AM August 17, 2015
Woman taking a shower 

By: Chan Yuan
A man in Nigeria, was left paralyzed after being caught secretly looking into a bathroom in order to watch his female boss taking a shower.

26-year-old Ubong Etu Nbomang of Delta State, injured his spine when he was caught off guard by his boss’ friend spying on his 30-year-old female boss.

The maid allegedly punched small holes on top of the bathroom door through which he peeked inside to watch his female boss taking a shower.

Nbomang climbed on a platform for a better view of her boss, when her friend caught him. He jumped off and slipped on the wet floor, injuring his spinal cord.

Nbomang admitted to watching his boss for more than 15 minutes before being caught. Nbomang was taken to the Federal Medical Centre.

He blamed his injuries on his boss’ beauty. Nbomang’s boss said that she was unaware that he was spying on her.