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Woman runs marathon during her period without protection to break taboos

By Mason White 2:58 PM August 17, 2015
Kiran Gandhi 

By: Feng Qian
A woman is speaking out after she was seen running a marathon with blood of her period soaking her pants.

26-year-old Kiran Gandhi said that she trained for 1 year so that she can run the marathon in the United Kingdom.

Gandhi and her 2 friends raised $6,000 for Breast Cancer Care at the marathon. However, the night before the marathon, she got her period.

Gandhi, a Harvard graduate, decided to use her flow as an awareness to break to taboo around the issue.

“I got my flow the night before the London Marathon and it was very painful. It was to be my first marathon. I spent a whole year training hard, but I never practiced running on my period,” Gandhi said.

“Running 26.2 miles with a wad of cotton cloth wedged between my legs just seemed so absurd because of the chaffing,” she added.

That is when Gandhi decided to “free bleed” through the marathon to break the taboo and to bring awareness to women of poor countries who don’t have access to sanitary pads or tampons.