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Pastor files for divorce because his wife nags him too much

By Mason White 5:57 PM August 18, 2015
Priest illustration 

By: Feng Qian
A pastor asked a court to dissolve the marriage to his wife because she nags him too much, according to court documents in Nigeria.

Tunde Adekunle, who is founder of Christ Living Church located in Ondo State, told the Family Court that he wants to divorce his wife of 15 years.

Adekunle told the judge that his wife was determined to make his life miserable by constantly nagging. The priest also told the court that his wife beats him on a regular basis, and as a result, he has scars all over his body.

In one embarrassing incident, his wife approached him in church during prayers and ripped off his clothes. The wife identified as Agbeke, denied the allegations, but said that she is willing to leave her husband.

The couple has four children. She accused her husband of being promiscuous and not caring for the children.